Bernie Sanders Finally Admitted He’s Actually Larry David

During the Democratic Town Hall in New Hampshire on Wednesday evening, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were both asked a number of very substantive questions. A wide array of issues were covered and it was an extremely informative event.

The most important question of all definitely came from the moderator, Anderson Cooper. He asked Senator Sanders whether he can do a good impression of Larry David.

Sanders responded,

I am Larry David.

We knew it all along, but now we finally have the truth.

This has been one of the most pressing issues of the presidential race thus far, and it's quite a relief Sanders had the courage to address it so directly and succinctly.

Watch the clip below.

.@BernieSanders to @andersoncooper at #DemTownHall “I am Larry David” — Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) February 4, 2016