Bernie Sanders Just Made A Tough Choice To Save Us All From Donald Trump

by John Haltiwanger

On Tuesday, Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

Some have argued this was long overdue, thanks to the need to unify the Democratic party against Donald Trump. Others – primarily certain segments of his supporters – will see this as a capitulation to an establishment candidate.

But when it comes down to it, this was a practical move. It comes at a time when the country is deeply divided, as we face the very real possibility of a demagogue becoming president.

If people have issues with Hillary Clinton, they are certainly justified. She is hardly the perfect candidate.

But we also have to acknowledge that there is no such thing as "the perfect candidate." It would be a mistake to view any leader or politician as infallible.

People on both sides of the aisle agree that Bernie Sanders has tremendous integrity. Throughout his political career, he's been championing for the impoverished and marginalized.

His unwavering passion is infectious, which was evident throughout his presidential campaign. Bernie has inspired millions of people – especially young people – with his call for a political revolution in America.

The progressive movement Bernie catalyzed will live on in the largest and most diverse generation in US history – Millennials – who offered him their overwhelming support.

But, like Hillary, Sanders is not without his flaws. Simply put, it would be wrong for us to view either of them as the sole solution to our nation's problems.

Bernie's endorsement of Hillary is an effort to bring people together in order to tackle the issues that this country is facing. Because that's the only way things will actually change: If we make a collective effort to address the confluence of problems that converge upon this land.

We do not want Donald Trump as our president.

He's an inexperienced, bigoted, xenophobic, mysoginistic narcissist, and clearly does not possess the qualities necessary to improve this country.

When President Barack Obama entered office, we faced a wide array of problems, both domestically and abroad. Things are not ideal today, but we are far better off as a result of his leadership than we were at the end of the Bush administration.

Hillary Clinton plans to build on what Obama has accomplished. While the policies she's proposed may not go as far as those put forward by Bernie Sanders, we must recognize that progress is a game of inches. Change takes time and patience.

It doesn't happen overnight.

With Clinton, progress is possible. With Donald Trump, we risk seeing our country collapse into chaos as we lose our credibility throughout the world.

Bernie Sanders just made a very tough choice. It will no doubt disappoint a lot of people.

But it was the right choice, and that's the mark of true leadership.