The Internet Loves This Tiny Bird That Is Totally Feeling The Bern

Politics can sometimes feel like a deep, endless cavern of sad.

Between Trump telling the world how he'd rid America of both Muslims and Mexicans, and Ted Cruz being, well, Ted Cruz, it can be hard to find the light at the end of the political tunnel.

But on Friday, a tiny little bird gave the world a little bit of political joy and hope when he crashed a Bernie Sanders appearance.

While Senator Sanders was speaking in front of a packed ground at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, a teeny tiny bird (who appears to be a sparrow) flew up onto the stage.

Sanders quickly pointed out the little party crasher, who then decided to fly up onto the podium to let the world know he is totally feeling the Bern.

People in the crowed completely lost their minds over the little symbol of hope and the entirety of the Internet soon followed.

Check out a few of the reactions to "Birdie Sanders" below.