Ben Carson Said He Doesn't Think A Muslim Should Be The US President


Last week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made waves when he failed to correct a man who claimed President Obama was Muslim and not American.

The man also asked Trump how the US can "get rid of" Muslims. Trump responded,

Trump was immediately accused of Islamophobia and asked to apologize for his troubling response and failure to correct the man's fallacious remarks surrounding Obama's background.

This incident continued to generate controversy over the weekend, prompting Chuck Todd of "Meet the Press" to question GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson about his own views on Islam on Sunday.

Carson stated he would not support the election of a Muslim as president of the United States, arguing Islam, as a faith, is not compatible with the US Constitution, NBC News reports. He said,

Dr. Carson's incendiary remarks, quite understandably, incited outrage.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations called on Carson to drop out of the Republican presidential race.

Many also pointed out how inconsistent Carson's views are with the Constitution.

Indeed, Carson's comments are fundamentally intolerant and at odds with the laws and values of this country.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders nailed it when he described everything wrong with Carson's regressive outlook.

There is nothing wrong with being Muslim, but there is something wrong with being Islamophobic and bigoted.

Watch a video of Dr. Carson's remarks below.

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