This Police Robot Snatched A Gun Away From A Murder Suspect Like A Boss


It's like WALL-E, but actually a badass.

A six-hour standoff in the desert of Antelope Valley, California ended when a crafty robot took away the weapon of a murder suspect who refused to surrender.

That's right, a robot utilized by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department cut through the fence that was blocking authorities, rolled up behind 52-year-old Ray B. Bunge, and then the sneaky devil of a machine scooped up the rifle at his feet.

"BEEP BOOP GIVE ME YOUR PEW PEW MECHANISM," is something this robot probably did not say.

After Ray realized "Oh snap, that Terminator just snatched my gun," he surrendered without incident.

Now, he's been charged with attempted murder, criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon/firearm, robbery and felony vandalism.

And getting owned by a BattleBot.

After the use of a robot to kill a murder suspect in the Dallas police shooting back in July, the ethics of utilizing these robots against a civilian population has come into question (cough, Skynet, cough).

UC Davis law professor Elizabeth Joh said,

If lethally equipped robots can be used in this situation, when else can they be used? Extreme emergencies shouldn't define the scope of more ordinary situations where police may want to use robots that are capable of harm.

Although it seems like the use of a robot was warranted this time, should there be more oversight and restrictions for its use?

Or should we just give up and bow down to our robot overlords?

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