This Guy Is The First Pokémon Go Trainer To 'Catch 'Em All'


Everyone knows how the old theme of Pokémon goes: "Gotta catch 'em all."

Well, this guy took it literally.

Brooklyn's Nick Johnson is the self-declared first Pokémon Go trainer to actually go out and catch 'em all. All that are available, that is.

There is a consensus that only 142 known Pokémon are available in the US and Johnson's captured them.

On Thursday, he made a declaration of his mastery on Reddit with this screenshot.

So how did he do it in just two weeks? Here are the remarkable details.

Johnson told Business Insider he walked an average of 8 miles per day since the game was released, which he was able to track using the "Health" app on his iPhone.

He would walk around after work for a full eight hours at a time on some occasions, BI reports.

And yes, he does indeed work.

The 28-year-old is the Head of Platform at the tech startup Applico, so he would take care of his Pokémon business after leaving his job around 6, which sounds like it took some real dedication.

To capture his second to last Pokémon, Porygon, for example, he even ordered an Uber to drive him around Jersey City 'til he found one.

But the commitment did not come without its benefits. Johnson told Buzzfeed he lost 10 pounds while trekking around the city trying to become a Pokémaster, so you can take that, Pokémon-is-ruining-this-generation guy.

As for the nine missing Pokémon, which would bring us to the 151 original Pokémon that were introduced in the initial television series, here's the deal:

Shapeshifting Pokémon Ditto and "legendary" Pokémon Mew, Mew Two, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres have never been spotted in America.

Meanwhile, Kangaskhan, Farfetch'd and Mr. Mime are only available outside of the US.

But once they are available in the states, we have a pretty good idea of who will catch 'em all.

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