Plane Ends Up Engulfed In Flames On Runway After Tire Burst

If you have any upcoming flights to literally anywhere, I would allow your eyes to steer clear of this story.

It will give you more psychological baggage than can fit into your overhead compartment.

On Friday, American Airlines flight 383 blew out a tire on one of Chicago O'Hare's runways forcing the the plane to abort its scheduled takeoff.

Unfortunately, you can't just pull over and call AAA if one of your 767's tires explodes when you're trying to get airborne.

No, you have to pull those emergency brakes, pray for the best and maybe text your mom that you're sorry for being grouchy on the phone to her.

Normally, this event is the kind of scenario running through my head when I'm about to travel that I'm trying to convince myself won't happen.

As if this wasn't nightmare fuel already, flames erupted underneath the plane causing pretty much everyone onboard to freak out, which is understandable.

If it were me on that plane, I'd totally be like...


The videos that were taken of this scary event show passengers waiting on the grass before being bused back to the terminal.

The passengers deplaned using those inflatable escape chutes. Hey, at least they got a free ride down a slide!

Above all else, I'm just thankful that emergency crews showed up to the scene and no one was injured.

Sure, that's great and all, but if a hellfire erupted anywhere near the plane I was on, I'd probably sue over psychological damages.

Here's another video of the @AmericanAir plane in Chicago. — Jose Castillo (@Kryptonlogic) October 28, 2016

The FAA is investigating this incident. Meanwhile, I'm currently investigating if I'm brave enough to fly home to New York for the holidays.

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How long is a bus ride to Long Island from California? Is it three... four hours?

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