Pizza Hut's first Tastewear Collection will be available while supplies last.

Dress Like A ’90s Kid With This Pizza Hut Track Suit And Slides

Complete your look with the iconic red cup.

Courtesy of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is making it easy to wear your love of ‘za on your sleeve... literally. While you’ve probably never thought about making a sartorial statement with bejeweled pepperonis or pizza-inspired slides, this Pizza Hut Tastewear Collection will definitely have you revamping your wardrobe. Get ready to rock some ‘90s-inspired fits with nods to Pizza Hut’s red roof and checkered tablecloths, because there are so many ‘Gram-worthy pieces to snag through the new Pizza Hut shop.

Starting on Tuesday, July 27 at 11 a.m. ET, pizza stans can celebrate the launch of Pizza Hut’s brand new shop at by browsing the store’s first-ever exclusive collection. The Pizza Hut Tastewear collection, which is available to purchase for a limited time while supplies last, will be the first of many future Hut Shop drops — and it includes so many fun pieces so you can dress like the ultimate ‘90s kid. Whether or not you grew up going to Pizza Hut, this collection will instantly transport you to one of the Pizza Hut restaurants with designs inspired by Tiffany lamps, the company’s red roof logo, and the classic checkered tablecloths.

First up in the collection? Loungewear that lets you rep your love of pizza from head to toe, of course. Pizza Hut is selling a $99 red and white checkered track suit, which features a checkered tablecloth-inspired pattern as both piping and accents on the top and bottom. Because there’s no such thing as too many checks, you can also purchase matching Pizza Slides (which feature the red-and-white checkered pattern on the sides and Pizza Hut’s logo on the straps) for $24.99. The collection also includes a $15.99 white T-shirt with Pizza Hut’s logo and a design inspired by the chain’s many Tiffany lamps as well as a bejeweled pepperoni pizza slice necklace for $19.99. You know, if you want to keep your love of pepperoni close to your heart.

Courtesy of Pizza Hut

If you don’t necessarily want to wear anything from the collection but still want to bring some of that ‘90s Pizza Hut nostalgia into your home, the pizza chain has you covered with a set of its iconic red cups. Take your tastebuds on a trip down memory lane with a set of four of these red tumblers, which retail for $9.99.

These six pieces will only be available online while supplies last, so don’t wait on browsing the new Hut Shop and ordering your favorites before they’re gone.