Michael McKenna

No One Can Figure Out If The Animal In This Photo Is A Raccoon Or A Dog

Michael McKenna lost his dog in Lancashire, England, when she broke free of her leash while he walked her in a park.

He's been desperately trying to find the dog, who's named Kekei. It's every pet owner's worst fear. But McKenna's dilemma is compounded by one strange and unhelpful twist of fate: McKenna's dog looks a lot like a raccoon.

Like, a lot.

Michael McKenna

Kekei is a member of an East Asian breed called Mangut or Tanuki, or in English, somewhat unimaginatively: a raccoon dog.

He told the  Blackpool Gazette,

She'll probably be hiding somewhere until it's dark, and then she'll come out. If people see her they wouldn't think she was a dog. They'd think she was a wild animal. They'd probably think she was a wild raccoon or a fox.

To make matters worse, raccoon dogs are hunting dogs, meaning when they're in the wild they will hunt around for food.

This may mean Kekei will wander far off in search of food and then be very difficult to find. Unfortunately, according to McKenna, Kekei is extremely timid and will be unable to fend for herself.

I'm going to go home and watch "Homeward Bound."