Pepsi Admits Aquafina Bottled Water Is Plain Tap Water, AKA Straight Trash

by Kate Ryan

We suspected it all along, but we didn't want to believe it.

Last Friday, Pepsi released a statement admitting that Aquafina -- its brand of bottled water -- is not purified or sourced from some majestic mountain stream, it's just plain old tap water.

As a result, the soda company will have to change its labeling to reflect how lame Aquafina water actually is.

This comes as a major blow to consumers who buy bottled water purely because they believe it to be better than the tap. While way cheaper, tap water sometimes has high levels of fluoride and pharmaceuticals. And in the case of Flint, Michigan, dangerously high levels of lead.

We can thank advocacy group “Corporate Accountability International” for bringing the facts to our attention, as it has been testing water samples from companies like Pepsi for several years now.

If it weren't for the group's work, it's uncertain whether Pepsi would have felt the pressure to correct its false advertising.

Now, Corporate Accountability International is setting its sights on Coca-Cola, a company that continues to deny its bottled water, Dasani, comes from public sources.

Just give it time. The top is soon to pop off this bottle.

To be fair, we should probably stop drinking bottled water altogether, since it's horrible for the planet. Especially now that it's no better than your kitchen sink's water, there's no reason to buy it bottled.

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