People Vandalized The Florida Vacation Home Of Cecil The Lion's Killer

We may not currently know where Walter Palmer is, but now, we definitely know where he likes to vacation.

Vandals tracked down and defaced the Florida vacation home of Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who became public enemy number one after hunting and killing Cecil the lion.

The words “LION Killer!” were spray painted on the garage door of his Marco Island, Florida residence.

Corey Perrine

Marco Island Police Captain David Bear said damage to the house was reported to police on Tuesday, and it is being handled as a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge, The Guardian reports.

However, no arrests were made in connection to the act yet.

Bear also said at least seven pickled pigs' feet soaked in hot sauce were thrown onto the driveway of the $1.1 million vacation home.

Two females also took a picture of themselves in front of the home after they erected a mini memorial to Cecil outside of it.

At the animal killer's vacation home — Edam Law PLLC (@EDAM_LAW) July 31, 2015

Other people reportedly visited the home since its location was revealed, but none did any actual damage to the house.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a security company was hired to watch over the currently vacant property.

Similarly, after activists found out the location of Palmer's dentist's office, they quickly erected memorials for Cecil in front of the building.

A woman just posted this sign at Dr. Walter Palmer's dental office. #CecilTheLion — Ted Haller (@TedHallerFox9) July 29, 2015

Since public opinion turned on Palmer, he is nowhere to be found.

At this point, Walter Palmer should just do us all a favor and never come out of hiding.

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