People Work Harder For Pizza Than They Do For Money, According To New Study


On its own, the idea pizza can be a great motivator is far from, well, farfetched.

That's because pretty much everyone loves pizza, and its shows with the way offices use pizza as a perk or a way to lure you to that meeting for a club you had no interest in.

So, yeah, we already knew about the power of pizza as an incentive. But now, there's a bit more concrete evidence that validates that power.

Results from an experiment in "Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations," a book written by Dan Ariely, found pizza was a better motivator than cash or compliments from a higher-up.

According to New York mag, the book's experiment took place at a computer chip factory in Israel where the work of one group with no incentives was monitored and compared it to workers who had been incentivized by either a promise of $30, pizza or a complimentary text message from a boss.

The study found employees incentivized by pizza experienced a 6.7 percent jump in productivity, which was the best result. A complimentary message from the boss finished a close second at 6.6 percent, while the $30 finished last at a distant 4.9 percent increase in productivity.

And thus concludes one of the more irrefutable studies to back up one of most irrefutable claims: Everybody. Loves. Pizza.

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