Siblings Slammed For Dying Parents Pic On Crowdfunding Site


Back in 2013, Mike Bennet was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Just three years later, his wife Julie was diagnosed with cancer. This year, Mike and Julie both passed away within days of each other.

The couple leave behind three children and now, they're being accused of taking advantage of their parents' death by vicious online trolls.

The Bennet kids took to crowdfunding site Justgiving to share photos of their parents as well as their story.

The post, put together by a friend named Claire Knight, reads,

Since the post was created, both parents have passed away.

According to Metro, Luke, Hannah and Oliver (21, 18 and 13 respectively) dropped out of college and were in danger of losing their home after their parents died.

The temporary financial relief generated using a crowdfunding site is now being criticized by trolls online who believe the Bennet family is taking advantage of their parents' death.


Luke Benett, 21, spoke to reporters at The Times about the false accusations, saying,

While Luke, Hannah and Oliver are hurt by the response they received after asking for help online, Luke prefers to overlook the trolls and be thankful for the kindhearted strangers out there who did help them out.

Luke continued,

Fortunately for the Bennets, it doesn't seem like the nasty trolls got their way. Family friend Claire Knight updated the post on the crowdfunding site, revealing,

A family friend named Heather Heaton Gallagher also spoke to reporters on behalf of the Julie and Mike's children, saying,

Luke and his siblings may have been criticized by suspicious trolls online, but the good news is there were even more generous supporters out there who did come to their aid, helping them raise $338,467 (£276,820).


The money is expected to be used to fund transportation costs, education expenses and overall life without their parents.

I think the lesson to be learned here is very simple. If you're skeptical about helping someone out with money because you suspect they may be trying to take advantage, don't donate to their cause.

That seems like a much more logical approach than bashing someone who may really be grieving over a great loss.

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