Paramedic Goes On A Viral Rant About 'Burger Flippers' Making Same Wage

There's at least one hourly employee who understands where all the anger over the new minimum wage for fast food workers should really be directed.

Jens Rushing is a paramedic who, after New York's recent ruling, now makes just as much as a fast food worker at $15/hr, according to Addicting Info.

Many in Rushing's place might be frustrated, since his job is arguably much harder than working in a fast-food chain, but Rushing believes the wage raise is merely meant to distract Americans from the country's bigger economic travesty.

Here's the full rant, which was originally posted to Facebook on July 23.

Addicting Info

Rushing suggests economic justice will never truly be attained until every employee in a company -- not just the CEO -- gets paid what he or she deserves.

By that time, it's safe to say "burger flippers" for the most successful restaurant chain on the planet might be making just a tad more than $15 an hour.

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