Everyone's Favorite '90s Game Is Making A Comeback And It's Already Sold Out

It's been a long time, but you can finally die of dysentery again.

If dying of dysentery rings any bells in your head, then you already know what I'm about to tell you. Yes, that's right: The Oregon Trail – every '90s kid's all-time favorite computer game – is back in the form of a tabletop card game, according to The Daily Dot.

Apparently, Target was just selling The Oregon Trail card game without much fanfare. At least, that is until one Redditor discovered the game and uploaded a bunch of photos to Imgur.

Now, The Daily Dot reports that the game is completely sold out on Target online, and can only be found in the brick-and-mortar Target stores.

Someone needs to notify me as soon as the card game is available online again. I need it.

If you're like me and were born in the '90s, then you remember the frustration of just trying to survive The Oregon Trail without dying of dysentery, the measles, typhoid, cholera, a snake bite or broken bones.

And even when you managed to not die of those things, you probably got super frustrated by all the absurd things that stopped you from advancing in the game, such as a broken wagon wheel or someone else in your group getting dysentery, the measles, typhoid... You get the idea.

According to the photos on Imgur, in the game, you may:

  1. Travel the trail.
  2. Work together to overcome calamities.
  3. Get at least one member of your party to Oregon.
  4. Stop to rest.
  5. Decide which of your friends will die of dysentery.
  6. Write your name on a tombstone.

Yup, it sounds exactly like the computer game I remember. The only difference is, it's in the form of a card game.

The Oregon Trail card game can be played among two to six players, and is recommended for ages 12 and up. Because, you know, there's a lot of dying involved.

The game contains 58 Trail Cards, 32 Calamity Cards, 25 Supply Cards, one Laminated Wagon Party Roster, one erasable marker, one die and a set of illustrated instructions. It even comes with what looks like headstones for when everybody dies! Simply amazing.

Anyway, check out the images of the The Oregon Trail card game below to see what it looks like for yourself. It honestly looks pretty slick and modern, so I hope I get the chance to play it and get super frustrated.

Ah, dying of dysentery. It's just like old times.

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