Nurturing Orangutan Can't Stop Kissing Pregnant Women's Baby Bumps At The Zoo


This might be the sweetest thing you'll see all day.

Actually, let me rephrase that... This IS the sweetest thing you'll see all day.

An adorable orangutan is making headlines due to the fact that he can't stop kissing pregnant women's baby bumps.

His name is Rajang, and he's got expectant mothers swarming to visit him at the Colchester Zoo in Colchester, England.

His specialty is quite simple. He waits for pregnant women to stroll up to the glass. He observes to make sure they're actually pregnant... and then he plants a wet one on the glass standing between them.

It goes down kinda like THIS...

A woman named Leanne Fuller and her wife Kerri, who are expecting, went to pay Rajang a visit.

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Fuller said,

We had gone to Colchester Zoo with the specific intention of seeing Rajang as he has always been Kerri's favorite and has seen him regularly for years. She had a zoo keeper experience a few years back and was able to hand feed him a ribena, which was a highlight for her. As soon as he saw her he came over from the back of his enclosure and was pointing at her bump. After a while he leaned forward for a better look and very solemnly and gently gave it a little kiss. Our favorite bit is the look he gave her afterward, just so sweet and gentle for such a huge guy!

Gentle indeed!

This isn't the first time Rajang has expressed his obsession with baby bumps. Back in 2015, Rajang did the same sweet gesture to a woman named Masie Knight. A spokesperson for the zoo took to its Facebook page, saying,

Rajang has always been a curious orangutan! He loves belly buttons, scars and of course baby bumps! His inquisitive way means he loves to interact with visitors particularly those who might be expecting!

If you're ever expecting and looking for a memorable photo-op, just head to England and visit Rajang. Your Instagram followers might be tired of seeing your baby bump, but Rajang? He'll never get tired of it!

Check out the video above.

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