An OJ Simpson Parole Member Wore A Football Tie And Twitter Can't Get Over It

Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images

On Thursday, July 20, OJ Simpson had a parole hearing in Carson City, Nevada.

Simpson's parole hearing drew a great deal of attention from the media and was televised on several networks, including ESPN.

As people watched, they noticed one of the parole board members, Adam Endel, was wearing a football tie at Simpson's hearing -- he's evidently a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

The tie quickly became one of the biggest topics of discussion on Twitter.

Given Simpson is a Hall of Fame running back, it's a bit surreal Endel chose to go with a football-themed tie -- it was definitely a bold choice.

Perhaps Endel was attempting to troll Simpson, who played for the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers, or maybe he just really loves the Chiefs and wanted to let the entire world know.

Simpson was 2-3 against the Chiefs during his NFL career, losing the first three games against them but winning the final two, according to SB Nation.

While Simpson didn't seem too fazed by the tie, people on social media were losing it.

The Kansas City Chiefs seemed to appreciate this man's sense of style.

Responding to tweet from Sports Illustrated, the NFL team's official Twitter account made it clear it strongly approves of Endel's tie choice.

Simpson has been in prison for almost nine years.

In 2007, Simpson allegedly entered a Las Vegas hotel room with armed assailants and an altercation occurred over sports memorabilia.

As a result of the incident, Simpson was ultimately convicted on 12 counts, including kidnapping, armed robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to 33 years imprisonment.

The former football star has served his time in Lovelock Correctional Facility, a medium security prison in Nevada.

He's apparently been on his best behavior during his stint behind bars, and is expected to be granted parole, The Guardian reports.

If Simpson is granted parole, he could be a free man as early as October, according to CNN.