Nurse Caught Taking Naked Videos Of 17-Year-Old Patient During Checkup


A nurse was caught secretly filming his patients with a hidden cellphone while they were naked in his dermatology office.

James Close, a 45-year-old employee of Penn Medicine Dermatology, is accused of filming eight different female patients during various visits without their consent, Fox News reports.

Authorities were initially notified about the illegal footage on February 13 after one of his patients -- a 17-year-old girl -- noticed a silver iPhone on the ground that was recording her naked body.


The teenager was in his office to receive radiation treatment for a skin disorder and immediately gave the iPhone to staff members upon finding it. Shortly after her realization, police arrived at the scene.

After authorities arrived and looked at the video, Close was charged with illegally filming his minor patient.

Detective Richard Meehl commented on the footage,

The iPhone's screen indicated that it was recording live video and that it had been doing so for 25 seconds. She could see her full nude reflection on the active iPhone camera. She turned the phone over to facility staff upon discovering it at her feet.

The discovery of the naked footage led detectives to get a search warrant for Close's phone, and the 17-year-old was not his only office victim.

In addition to 18 videos depicting the teenager that were found on his phone, authorities discovered footage of seven other female patients visiting his office.

According to court records, one woman is nude below her torso and four of them are completely naked. None of them gave Close consent to record them.

Detectives were able to recognize Close through his voice in the videos along with his face, which is shown in a clip along with one of his patient's breasts.

Apparently, the videos range from January 18 through the day he was arrested on February 13.

The nurse is now being held at the Bucks County Correctional Facility on $100,000 bail.

He will appear in court on Tuesday, March 7.

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