North Korea Suspected Of Conducting A Nuclear Test After Quake Detected


If only North Korea would spend more time fixing the growing gap between their rich and poor and less time on trying to build nuclear weapons...

We reported earlier how hilarious it was that North Korea had banned the use of sarcasm. Of course, when I use the word "hilarious," I'm being sarcastic because in reality, it's just plain sad for its citizens.

A place where Chandler Bing can't do his whole sarcastic banter bit is not a society worth living in.

Well now officials over in South Korea are saying an "artificial" 5.3 magnitude earthquake in North Korea was caused by a nuclear test, its fifth.

Despite the fact that North Korea has been repeatedly warned about not performing further nuclear tests with threats of even more sanctions, it looks like they done goofed... again.

According to South Korean military, the tremor originated in northeastern North Korea in Punggye-ri, the same place where the country had its four earlier tests, all of which were conducted underground.

You took the test in the same place five times in a row? Spice it up, Kim Jong Un! Throw in a little variety, right?

And doing it underground? So hipster of you, KJU.

Meanwhile, the United States Geological Survey placed the quake 15 kilometers east-northeast of Sungjibaejam, North Korea, according to the New York Times.

I think it's safe to say that this is not good news -- like "someone call 007" kind of not good news.

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