North Korea's Kim Jong Un Literally Has No Chill And Made Sarcasm Illegal

by John Haltiwanger

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is basically like Donald Trump on steroids. The man just cannot handle being criticized in any way, shape or form.

According to The Independent, North Korea has just banned people from making sarcastic remarks about Kim Jong Un or his regime.

This is apparently a response to the fact people won't stop making fun of the North Korean leader, and he's afraid people will only agree with him "ironically."

"This is all America's fault" has reportedly become a pretty common saying, with people using it to mock the government for blaming the US for its problems.

It seems Kim Jong Un is not amused by this, and people were told to discontinue saying it.

Another expression, "The fool who cannot see the outside world,” has also reportedly become fairly popular. People say it in reference to Kim Jong Un's extremely isolationist tendencies.

North Koreans were warned about using such expressions in mass meetings, where they were more or less told, "Keep your mouths shut," according to Radio Free Asia.

All of this might sound extremely farfetched, but we should also remember it was recently reported Kim Jong Un had a senior official executed for slouching at a meeting.

With that said, banning people from doing something is often one of the best ways to guarantee they will continue doing it.

Moreover, given there have been reports of increased levels of public discontent with the totalitarian regime in North Korea, it's conceivable this could all backfire on Kim Jong Un.

In conclusion, since sarcasm is still legal in the US, it's safe to say Kim Jong Un continues to prove he's an extremely tolerant and progressive leader, and no one would ever have any valid reasons to insult him or his excellent haircut.

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