Keeping Milk In Your Fridge Door Could Be Poisoning You, So We're All Screwed

by Alexandra Svokos

News you can use: Don't store your milk in the door of the fridge, you idiot.Seriously, this one's really easy.

I just want you to think for a minute about this one before I explain.

Why would it be a bad idea to leave your milk in the door shelf of the refrigerator?

You open a fridge, right? And the door comes open, right? And faces the air?

The door is also the closest part to the outside of the refrigerator, no?

Have you figured out why you're being an idiot if you leave your milk in the fridge door yet?

It's because that's not a particularly cold part of the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, milk is an annoyingly pesky food thing. It spoils, like, really easily, all the time, always, and it's really difficult to estimate the exact right size of carton you should get to use before it spoils, but before you run out in 2.5 days.

Milk is annoying.

If you drink it when it's spoiled, your stomach will not be happy with you.

Smell your milk before you drink it.

And don't put it in the fridge door.

Does it all make sense now?


Instead, put your milk deep in the lower and middle shelves. Keep it cool.

There are some other things you should know about your refrigerator by now.

For instance, put raw meat and fish in the bottom levels. That's a practical thing: Sometimes juices (yuck) come out of them, and you don't want those juices slipping down to cover everything.

Put your fruits and veggies in the drawers. It's safe in there. They like it there. Be nice to them. And also eat them. You should probably be eating more of them.

Instead of putting milk in the door shelves, put condiments there. You should also have more than just condiments in your fridge.

Your upper shelves can be used for stuff that doesn't need to be cooked (but isn't fruits and vegetables). Got it? Good.

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