The NFL Is Doing The Most Amazing Thing To Help Prevent Sexual Violence

The NFL is about to serve up a heap of money to help fight sexual violence -- $10 million, to be exact.

The money is going to Raliance, a coalition between three different sexual violence prevention organizations, reports USA TODAY.

It will take effect at the beginning of July.

Anna Isaacson, the NFL senior vice president of social responsibility, told the website,

What I can't stress enough is the potential for this progress and how excited we are to be standing behind these organizations because their goals are so lofty and this is such a huge moment in sexual violence. To be able to use these moments and actually make real change, it's something that we really believe in. The coalition really believes they can end sexual violence in a generation and they've convinced the NFL that they can do it, and that's really huge and exciting and something that we're going to be watching closely and following for many years.

Karen Baker, director of National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one of the organizations involved in the coalition, said the US is in a "watershed moment right now," and the time is right to join forces and have a true impact in combatting the issue.

The NFL has been rocked by sexual violence scandals over the years. In 2014, the spotlight fell on Ray Rice after a video emerged of him knocking his now-wife unconscious in a lift in Atlantic City.

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