Netflix's New Personal Trainer Feature Totally Ruins Concept Of 'Netflix And Chill'

by Alexandra Strickler

Netflix has been onto our laziness for awhile now.

First, they incorporated that passive-aggressive guilt trip of a message, "Are you still there?" when we were knee-deep in a binge marathon and couldn't remember the last time we touched the remote.

And now, they've gone to totally new levels of combating our lazy asses with their own integrated personal trainer.

Netflix has published a detailed instruction guide to help you make your very own Netflix-themed personal trainer.

However, if you're lazy and you like it that way, no need to worry. Netflix won't force this upon you like some iOS update you didn't ask for and never wanted.

Instead, assembling the feature takes a little bit of technical chops, with some assembly of the Arduino-based device required. Netflix has provided a list of the components you'll need to build it.

According to the company, the Netflix Personal Trainer "connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and uses an accelerometer to monitor your activity level during your workout."

So, say you're running on the treadmill, trying not to die.

But the urge to die keeps getting stronger every time your foot pounds down on the treadmill belt.

If you start to slow down, a Netflix character of your choosing will deliver motivational words to keep you going!

And yes, Terry Crews is one of the 14 characters to choose from -- which could be amazing, or possibly terrifying.

But here's the biggest motivator of all: If you're on the treadmill and you stop running altogether, the personal trainer will pause your Netflix show.

It's pretty genius, but it's also kind of the worst thing ever. But that's exercise for ya!

The Netflix Personal Trainer is part of their Make It initiative, and it was developed during the company's annual Hack Day, which is an opportunity for the product development teams to get away from everyday work and experiment with their own creative projects.

You can be sure I'll be enlisting my engineer boyfriend to build this for me, and then we'll get into a fight a month from now when I never use it and/or break it and/or cry about how much I hate it.

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