You Won't Need To Go To The Doctor Anymore With Google's Latest Update

Google is getting into the internet medical diagnoses game, removing one step from your medical paranoia ritual.

Basically, you type in your symptoms into Google and, before your search results, Google gives its opinion on what you mean by “feel like throwing up i'm so drunk?”

To come up with their diagnostic database, Google teamed up with a team of doctors from the Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic.

So, yeah, now instead of going to WebMD to turn that tickle in your throat into SARS (THE SEQUEL: “SARSiously?”), you can just do that right on Google.

They insist that this tool is there simply to help you get more information, but that you should always consult a doctor if you feel it is serious. Of course, we all hate doctors, and love Google — so nice try, doctors, but we don't need you anymore.

I just can't wait for the day when Google supplies me with everything — doctors, dentists, a lover — but, alas, for now, I will take this.

The program should be out in the next few days on your mobile devices, so get ready to think you have elbow cancer after hitting your funny bone real soon.

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