Mother Wears A Bikini In Public To Prove 'All Bodies Are Good Bodies' (Video)

Last month, Jae West stood in the middle of London in her underwear and a blindfold, silently beckoning passersby to draw hearts on her body in a display of support for body acceptance.

On August 29, Amy Pence-Brown repeated West's experiment in the Capital City Public Market of Boise, Idaho.

Eager to broaden the landscape of praised body types, Pence-Brown launched one major message in her video: As the 40-year-old tells her own children,

All bodies are good bodies.

In an interview with USA TODAY, the feminist artist admitted her decision was not reached without apprehension.

She shared,

I was really worried that no one would draw a heart… Not only did I have a lot of skin to show, but it's thick skin.

Pence-Brown's Saturday in the square proved her own bravery and the warm, supportive natures of so many in her community.

You can read more about Pence-Brown's cause on her blog.

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