Family Adopts Friend's Four Daughters After She Dies Of Brain Cancer

For Laura and Rico Ruffino, the decision to adopt wasn't what they always planned, but when tragedy struck, their plan quickly changed.

In April, Laura's best friend, Elizabeth Diamond, passed away from brain cancer, just eight months after receiving her initial diagnosis.

The Buffalo author and artist left behind four young daughters -- the youngest of them just 5 years old.

As a single mother, Diamond worried what would happen to her children when she passed.

But, the Ruffino family selflessly eased that worry by adopting all four children, despite already having two young girls of their own.

WKBW recently interviewed the couple about their decision to adopt their late friend's daughters.

When asked about the adoption, Rico Ruffino admitted,

Ten years ago, I didn't think this would be my life. But if something gets thrown at you, just accept the challenge and do the best you can.

Fortunately, the Ruffinos aren't the only ones doing the best they can. In fact, their entire community banded together to help raise the four girls.

A YouCaring fundraising account for the Ruffino family already raised more than $14,000, and countless neighbors kindly donated necessary items to the family, including a refrigerator and a kitchen table large enough to accommodate the now eight-person family.

The YouCaring account description reads, “The Ruffino family are receiving no financial child support to accommodate this quick expansion.”

It continues, “[They] have always been the type of people to help others in need...”

“…and now we are asking for help in their quest to provide an amazing life for the six daughters they now have.”

The page adds, “Above all, this family is doing everything in their power to make the Diamond daughters feel loved and part of the family.”

The fundraising account is managed by a Buffalo non-profit Buffalo Wellness Center -- an organization Elizabeth Diamond was a board member of.

If you're able, donate to the family here.

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