Mom Sparks Huge Debate After Refusing To Let Men Babysit Her Kids

by Robert Anthony

Kasey Edwards has a strict "blanket rule" for babysitting her children.

The Melbourne mother has sparked a huge debate after voicing that she refuses to allow any man to babysit her kids. The rule includes her own father, other family members and close male friends, meaning no man is exempt.

Edwards, an author and blogger, uses very simple logic to support her strict rule. The mother-of-two is not willing to risk exposing her children to sexual abuse from potential offenders.

Channel 10 News

According to, Kasey Edwards believes it is rational to ban men from overseeing her children due to the fact most sexual offenders happen to be of the male gender.

The Australian mother sparked a debate after expressing her views in a recent news clip. In the clip, she says the only two men allowed to babysit her two children are their father and one male teacher.


Edwards spoke to reporters for Channel 10's "The Project," saying,

We based it on horrifying statistics, based on the risk of child sexual abuse caused by known men and we decided it was just easier, and safer, for us to have this rule.

Not only does she feel this rule protects her children, but she also feels it avoids her having to question whether or not the men in her life, whether they be friends or family, are potential sex offenders.

I don't want to think of anyone in my family or any friend and question whether or not they could be a potential sex offender,' she continued. But if we just have a blanket rule, then we're safe.

Personally, I think it's a smart call on her behalf. We're living in a crazy world. However, not everyone agrees. Commenters quickly reacted to the report claiming Edwards was overreacting.

One user commented,

What complete garbage, women are abusers the same as men the news has women being arrested every week for preying on children; she is a complete flake.

Another commenter lashed out at Edwards' rule, saying,

But every time you see a report about a babysitter injuring or killing a child it's a woman. Women can be just as bad as men. Sometimes worse.

Mothers even took to Twitter to express their disgust with Edwards' stance.

While both sides of the argument make a valid point, supporters of Kasey Edwards' babysitting rule believe the mother is entitled to lay down the rules she feels protect her children.

One mother says she even raised her kids the same way.

The statistics she refers to are undeniable. My children are now in college and I was similarly overprotective during their childhood. I have no regrets. I wasn't willing to gamble with the well-being of my children in order to be politically correct.

Do you think Kasey Edwards is overreacting or is she taking necessary steps to shield her children from potential harm?

Here's the clip of Kasey Edwards explaining why she doesn't allow men, even family members, to babysit her two children.

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