Mom Of Girl Whose Stomach Got Sucked Out By Hot Tub Details Horrific Moment

by Alexandra Strickler

Last month, a 4-year-old British girl barely escaped after she was sucked into the mechanism of a hot tub at a resort.

Now her mother, Nicola Floyd, is speaking out about the terrifying incident.

She said,

Isabella never cried, but she just started screaming, 'My tummy, my tummy.' She'd been sucked in and wasn't strong enough to push herself out. When I pulled her out, her intestine was in my hands.

As Isabella's mother, Nicola, 28, said she feels guilty about what happened, but she insists she had no idea the filter was there, nor how dangerous it could be.

She added,

My priority now is her recovery. I don't want to let her down again.

Fortunately, doctors were able to save her life, and she is currently recovering from severe injuries to her bowel and intestines after spending a considerable time in an induced coma.

According to Metro, Isabella woke for the first time since the traumatic incident on March 3. When she did, she asked her mom to read her a story.


Nicola said,

Nobody can say much right now. We've no idea what the lasting impact will be. Her stomach is still open at the moment, so she'll need surgery to close it up and then we'll go from there. We're taking things day by day, but at least it's not hour by hour anymore.

The accident happened last month at the Admiral Hotel in Zlatni Piasatzi. Nicola and Isabella went to go relax in the resort's hot tub, though the experience ended up being anything but relaxing.

Isabella sat on top of the hot tub's filter, and her bottom quickly became stuck.

Though Nicola desperately tried to pull her daughter away from the filter, the force of the vacuum kept Isabella firmly planted. It wasn't until a lifeguard at the resort came over to turn off the filter that the young girl could finally walk away from the horrific scene.


Nicola and her partner, Hristo Hristov, who live in Bulgaria, tried for a baby for three years before Isabella, their "miracle" daughter, was born in June 2012.

When talking about her daughter, Nicola said,

Isabella is a happy, full-of-life little child. She's absolutely everything to me. She's like a little fish. She absolutely loves swimming. Her favorite Disney princess is Ariel.

A spokesperson for the Admiral Hotel said they would help with investigations into what caused the accident.

They added,

We express our most sincere sympathy to the parents and relatives of the injured child and we would like to assure them, that we are ready to give them any kind of support for the medical treatment and the convalescence of the child.

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