Mom Caught On Film Beating Baby For Crying Too Much, Only Gets Verbal Warning

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Some people are not cut out to be parents.

Remember when we told you about the "monster mom" who was charged with killing her 11-year-old daughter by beating the child until her stomach ruptured?

Well, it turns out she isn't the only abusive mom out there.

A heartbreaking video has just surfaced showing a mother beating her baby for crying too much.

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The mother was seen throwing her toddler down flight of stairs in the Guangdog province of south eastern China.

The incredibly disturbing footage captures the heartless mother yelling "Still crying?" at her child and repeatedly kicking the baby's tiny body as she's crying on the ground.

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As the 27-year-old mother from Hubei named Chen beats the helpless toddler against the floor, you can hear the frighten child scream.

It is believed a bystander captured the six-second clip around 3 pm on February 24 and later uploaded the shocking video onto social media.

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On February 26, the video surfaced on weibo with the title "Song Ge has a word."

The clip has been viewed nearly eight million times since then, and as you can imagine, people are outraged by this woman's ruthless behavior.

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Shortly after the video was released, Beijiao Police reportedly launched an investigation and managed to uncover the identity of the woman in the video.

Police gave the mother a verbal warning for the attack carried out on her child and claim the baby girl did not suffer any identifiable injuries as a result of the incident.

When questioned by police, the woman told authorities she carried out the cruel attack because she was under a lot of stress and could not get the child to stop crying.

The mother apologized for lashing out and said that she deeply regretted her actions.

The baby girl has been placed under the care of her grandparents as a result of the incident.

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