Woman Stabbed 32 Times By Ex-Boyfriend Marries EMT Who Saved Her Life

by Sean Abrams

After being stabbed 32 times and left to die by her ex-boyfriend in 2012, Melissa Dohme thought her life was over.

She was hospitalized from the attack at the age of 20 with severe blood loss and paralyzation in parts of her face, and the idea of finding love again was nowhere on her mind.

Dohme had flatlined four times while attempting to recover, and all she wanted was to stay alive.

As it turned out, fate had a weird sense of humor and introduced her to her future husband on the same day of that tragic incident.

In March, Melissa Dohme married that same EMT who saved her life in a ceremony in Dade City, Florida.

Cameron Hill was one of the first EMTs to arrive on the day of the incident, quickly taking Dohme to an ambulance, and then a helicopter to the hospital for medical attention.

Almost a year later, the two encountered each other again at a luncheon ceremony to commend Dohme on her bravery and perseverance throughout the whole ordeal.

Shortly after, the two began to date, with Hill proposing to Dohme years later on the mound of a Tampa Bay Rays game.

"I didn't even want to open my heart up to anything," Dohme told People Magazine regarding her incident. "I was afraid, but then I met Cameron."

And here we are now, with Dohme and Hill happier than ever.

With crowds of friends and family there to support the couple, including some of the doctors and EMTs who assisted in bringing Dohme back to good health, they became husband and wife.

“It was a full circle moment,” said Dohme. “I spent the worst and the best day of my life with Cameron.”

Hill has been Dohme's number one supporter since he first met her and is beyond happy that have her as his wife.

“I married the girl of my dreams," Hill said to People Magazine. “Her strength was unbelievable. That was the first thing I fell in love with.”

As for Dohme, she couldn't imagine marrying anyone else at this point.

It was the confidence boost she received from Cameron that kept her with a strong, positive outlook on life and the future ahead.

Dohme said,

For so long, I felt when looking at myself, that I wasn't myself and I always had something wrong with me. I didn't want people to always have to give me sympathy or anything like that. Cameron was so great. He would always just be there for me I think in every way, even if I was really upset or had a really rough day.

Dohme now works at Hands Across the Bay, a nonprofit organization in the Tampa Bay area that aims to motivate the community with charitable acts of kindness.

She contributes as an advocate against domestic violence and speaks their regularly about her story.


She is eager to share the message that “life and love after abuse is possible.”

“I would never want to go through the horrific attack again, but with where I am today, I wouldn't change it,” Dohme said to CNN.

Her story couldn't be more inspirational.

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