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This Is What Happens To A Happy Meal If You Save It For Six Years


An Alaska woman revealed the conclusion of a horrifying experiment that appears to expose the dangers of fast food.

On February 3, Jennifer Lovdahl added two photos to Facebook showing a McDonald's Happy Meal she claimed to have bought six years ago, Yahoo! News reports.

The food was apparently "sitting at [her] office this whole time," yet the pictures show only slight alterations in the appearance of the chicken nuggets and French fries.

It seems the many preservatives added to the items prevented them from decaying like naturally prepared or less modified food.

The lack of mold suggests McDonald's food is so full of chemicals even bacteria choose to stay away.

According to, McDonald's already addressed this mold phenomenon on its website, calling the rumors of its items being unable to decompose a "myth."

The company wrote,

The post went on to say a burger cooked on one's own grill would also probably not decay if it was sufficiently dried out.

Perhaps it's time for another experiment to test this theory.

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