Hero Dad Goes To McDonald's So Kids Stop Fighting, Then Only Buys Food For Himself

by Robert Anthony

Parenting can be tough -- especially when it comes to disciplining your kids.

For one England-based dad, however, he knew EXACTLY what to do to get his kids to stop acting up.

In an effort to maintain his own sanity and avoid loss of hearing, Lee Wilshire taught his kids a lesson after they just would NOT stop arguing.


His children Lydia and Jake were non-stop bickering back and forth, which prompted Lee to use his secret disciplinary weapon. Parents, if you're reading, you might want to put this technique in your back pocket.

It's pretty damn genius!

Instead of being one of those batshit crazy parents you occasionally see outside whaling on their own offspring and sometimes being worse than their disobedient kids, Lee decided to take Lydia and Jake to McDonald's.

While that might seem like a victory for them, it wasn't. Why? Well, because their dad decided to get himself some grub and literally nothing for his kids.

He didn't order them a four-piece McNugget meal, a small fry, a soda -- NOTHING.

This sounds like the worst punishment a kid could be forced to endure, doesn't it? Lee took to Facebook, writing,

Kids completely fucked me off in Tescos fighting and showing me up so just took them to McDonald's as promised and only ordered for myself. They'll be having beans on toast shortly when we get back home.


If I'm Lydia and Jake, I am absolutely hating my life right now. Could you imagine going to your favorite fast food restaurant, anticipating a Happy Meal only to get zilch, zip, NADA?! I'd be fucking devastated.

I guess that was the point. Lee also shared a photo of the car ride home after he pulled the stunt on them.

In a recent interview with Metro UK, Lee Willshire said,

I got a look (from Lydia) that I don't know how to describe but if looks could kill, that's what I got. She was sat in the passenger seat and tried to turn her back to me, but she kept glancing over to me with eyes burning. They asked me to take them back, but I held firm. I talked them through why it was happening and as punishment they wouldn't be having the lunch they were expecting.

The looks on their faces? Priceless...


Eventually, he says Lydia and Jake understood what they had done wrong and learned from their mistakes. As for Lee? Well, he got himself a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a fresh order of fries.

Hey, anyone suddenly feeling hungry?!

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