Married Teacher Admits He's A Pedophile In Front Of Audience


A self-confessed pedophile and former teacher has come out in a bizarre YouTube video.

Gary Gibson, 65, says he is attracted to girls as young as six, but claims to have never acted on his urges.

The Oregon man has set up the Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention for people with the same mindset.

During one of his meetings, he explained he was raised in an abusive family.

Indiana Rsol on YouTube

He said,


He went on to say he played "doctors" with two of his male cousins at summer camp.

Gibson claimed that back in the '50s "every male I knew was sexually attracted to children —little girls."

Despite his mindset, he says he has never crossed the line. He explained,

Gibson married British nurse Tabitha Abel in 2005 after meeting her on a Christian dating website.

He revealed his pedophile tendencies early on in the relationship and she has been fully supportive.

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