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Man Reportedly Charged For Killing A Woman With A Cucumber During Sex

A German man is reportedly on trial for killing a woman with a cucumber being used as a sex toy.

According to Daily Mail, 46-year-old Oliver Dietmann first met his deceased lover Rica Varna, also 46, in 2004.

Five years later, the two began a sexual relationship, and they "often used vegetables" as sex toys, Dietmann reportedly said in a Mannheim court.

During one meeting in July of 2014, Dietmann pleasured his lover with the help of a cucumber, carrots and even several zucchinis. They, additionally, went through four bottles of wine, as well as numerous servings of schnapps that night.

Varna's BAC was later found to be almost four times over the legal limit to drive, Daily Mail reports.

Dietmann placed the cucumber in Varna's mouth at a point when she was apparently too drunk to realize her breathing was obstructed.

In court, he reportedly said,

But suddenly I saw there was smoke coming from the kitchen. I forgot that I had put a piece of meat on the stove for my dog. I ran to the kitchen, fed my dog and then went on to the balcony to smoke a cigarette.

Varna was unconscious by the time Dietmann got back to the bedroom. The cucumber was wedged in her throat but had become so soft, he was unable to pull it out.

Varna went into a coma and appears to have died soon after.

Dietmann is now on trial for negligent homicide, which carries a penalty of up to five years in prison.

The trial is reportedly scheduled to come to a close on Friday when a verdict is read.

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