Man Seeks Revenge On Cheating Ex-Wife By Putting Her Possessions Up For Sale


Looking for a new, innovative way to get over your cheating jerk of an ex? Well, this guy seems to have a pretty good idea for you.

A British man was, let's just say ... not pleased when his wife decided to leave him for her "personal trainer who looks like Beppe from EastEnders." If you, like me, have no idea who that is, he's apparently "the local heartthrob" on the popular BBC show, "EastEnders." So, yeah, probably not exactly number one on your list of people who you want your wife to be porking on the side.

But this guy isn't going down without a proper fight. No, he is doing everything in his power to make sure that justice is served to his "cheating whore of an ex-wife." And I'd say he's doing a pretty good job of doing so, considering he has decided to sell literally all of her things, from her clothes to her car, on eBay.

The add for his clothing (that he described as a "complete job lot of possessions belonging to my cheating whore of an ex-wife") was temporarily removed by eBay for its excessive use of profanity, but here's an image of the add he posted for her:


You read that correctly. This guy is an absolute legend. And I KNOW you're dying to know what he has under "all info," so I pulled out his absolute gem of an opener here for you:

The "absolute disgrace of a car" has already garnered bids of over £1,300. And, in an interview with MailOnline, the scorned man said he found the experience of selling her things to be "cathartic," and that he will be spending the money on a party to help him forget about his evil ex.

Now, only one question remains: How do I snag an invite to this party?

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