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Man Arrested For Murder Of Fiancée Posts Apology On Facebook: 'Sorry Guys'

A man arrested for murdering his fiancée in the same home as her young daughter posted a Facebook status expressing regret.

Ethan Reid, 23, of Scottsville, Kentucky, was held by authorities on Monday after the fatal shooting of Kayla Hodges, 20.

He wrote,

Sorry guys. I'm truly not this bad of a person. I've been pushed to this point over of time. I'm disappointed in myself too. I could have been so much more. It's so sad. I'm a terrible person overall. Learn from my mistakes. Just know this was never my intentions. I love all of you. I'm just not meant to be happy. Ever. I'm sorry. I love you all. Xoxo Ethan Reid.

A neighbor heard the commotion and stopped Reid as he attempted to take his own life, reports DailyMail.com.

When emergency services arrived at the scene, the victim was found on the porch with a gunshot wound.

Reid had reportedly pulled up to the porch earlier that night and blocked the exit to the home with his car.

She was later pronounced dead.

The victim's mother, April Riley, said,

That baby, that beautiful baby has no parents.

She told News Channel 5 she was in the home at the time of the shooting.

I heard a 'pop' and when I got to the edge of the hallway I saw her fall out the front door. I want her back, I have prayed all night to get her back.

The child is believed to have been just feet away when the shooting happened.

The baby was not harmed in the incident.

Reid was taken to the hospital with a head injury following the shooting and then thrown in Allen County Jail.

The investigation continues.

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