Man Killed By Woman In Her Home Might Have Been A Serial Killer

An anonymous sex worker from Charleston, West Virginia unintentionally saved the lives of other women when she reportedly killed her attacker.

Neal Falls, a 45-year-old Springfield, Oregon native, met the woman after responding to her escort service ad on

According to The Washington Post, police said he arrived at her house on July 18 with handcuffs and a "kill list."  His car was also stocked with a machete, shovels, knives, a bulletproof vest, trash bags, bleach, sledgehammers and axes.

A man (allgdly) killed in self-defense may also be a serial killer -- straight out of a movie: — Olivia Messer (@OliviaMesser) July 24, 2015

The woman reportedly told KPTV she realized he was there to kill her shortly after he arrived.

She said,

I could tell that he had already done something because he said that he was going to prison for a long time. And that's when I knew he was gonna kill me.

When Falls began to strangle the woman, she grabbed a rake and tried to fend him off. He then dropped his gun and tried wrestling the rake out of the lady's hand.

While he was doing this, she somehow ended up with the gun and was able to shoot Falls, who eventually died from the wound.

The woman then ran to a nearby alley while a neighbor called 911.

Her voice can be heard in the back of the phone recording.

They are currently testing and placing Falls' DNA in a national crime DNA database, CODIS, but they believe he might be responsible for a series of murders of sex workers from Chillicothe, Ohio.

Chillicothe is a town two hours away from Charleston. Over the past year, six sex workers have gone missing from Chillicothe, and four of the bodies have been discovered dead.

Falls is now also thought to be involved in murders as far west as Nevada.

The Charleston woman was hospitalized with several injuries, including broken vertebrae.

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