Man Charged With Impregnating Daughter 3 Times Says Mom Is Also His Sister

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A Canadian man has been convicted of sexually abusing his two daughters over a period of three decades.

The 79-year-old father, Jacques Lesage, has also been charged with impregnating one of his daughters three times.

Lesage was found guilty of raping Lucie, 53, and Nathalie, 49, over the course of a 32-year period.

Lesage's other daughter, Chantal Knippenberg, also claims she was abused by the man. However, Lesage was not convicted of sexually assaulting her.

CBC News

In addition to the crimes related to his daughters, Lesage is also facing charges for sexually abusing another minor.

During Lesage's hearing on Tuesday, he told the court he himself was the product of incest, claiming that his mother was also his sister.

The man revealed he had endured sexual abuse throughout his childhood, first by his father and later by the caretakers at a Catholic orphanage, according to reports from CBC.

Lesage, who has eight children, also spoke about his wife, telling the court he married her when she was only 13 years old in order to rescue her from an abusive situation.

CBC News

Court documents revealed Lesage fathered a total of three children with his daughter Lucie.

The first child was born when Lucie was just 13 years old and is severely disabled.

The father confessed to raping Lucie after DNA evidence revealed the three children belonged to him.

However, Lesage tried to defend himself, claiming he did not think Lucie was his biological daughter because he believed his wife was having an affair with another man at the time of her conception.

Despite the accusations against him, Lesage claims he did not sexually assault his other daughters.

During the hearing, Lucie spoke about her father's prolonged abuse.

She told the court he would "go to hell" for his actions and revealed she could not have romantic relationships as a result of being raped by her father.

Nathalie also appeared in court, where she cried as she told the jury, "All I've known is sexual abuse."

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Apparently, Nathalie never told anyone about the abuse because her father had friends who worked at the police station, so she assumed they wouldn't believe her allegations.

Nathalie ended up moving out of her house to live with a sibling at the age of 16, after she told her father she would shoot him if he tried to sexually assault her again.

Both Nathalie and Lucie suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression as a result of their father's actions.

Knippenberg claims she has always been fearful of her father and that he ruined her childhood.

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Lesage was brought to the attention of the authorities in 2014, when his daughter Lucie finally went to the police and told them how she had been abused by her father since she was only 8 years old.

Lesage pleaded for a light sentence, telling the court he was no longer a threat because he has his genitals removed due to cancer.

However, prosecutors are asking the courts to sentence him to 22 years behind bars.

Lesage is expected to receive his sentence later today.

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