Man Caught Kicking Dog In Head Trolls Haters On Facebook


A man who was filmed kicking a defenseless dog in the head has trolled Facebook haters with a simple message: “I don't give a fuck."

Thomas Millar, also known as Skinny, was the target of abuse on social media after people accused him of kicking his husky in the garden of a home in Doncaster, England.

But he has taunted people who have commented on his page, writing “I don't give a fuck," "life still goes on," and "LOL."


The RSPCA, a leading British animal charity, is now investigating the footage, which is believed to have been filmed by a neighbor.

And although they have seized an adult husky, a puppy is missing, leading to fears for its safety.


A spokesman for the charity told MailOnline,

Stephanie Pearson, who knows Millar, claimed she confronted him about the video, and he allegedly said it was because the dog chewed his sofa.


She posted the clip on Facebook and YouTube after it was sent to her.

She said,

Tens of thousands of people have now seen the shocking clip.

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