Man Goes Bald After Hair Wax Causes His Skin To "Peel Off"


Lee Hardy, a 24-year-old father from Leeds, England, believes a popular hair wax caused his scalp skin to "peel off."

Hardy, who works as a builder, began using VO5 Rework Putty in January.

But after using the $5 hair product for a short time, Hardy suddenly noticed sores developing on his head.

He said,

However, things only went downhill from there.

Soon after, Hardy started losing his hair and he eventually had no choice but to shave his balding head. He added,


Hardy allegedly contacted VO5 and told the company their hair wax burned his scalp and caused him to lose his hair.

However, the builder claims the customer care representative form VO5 expressed little concern and only offered Hardy a $25 voucher as compensation for the incident.


And, understandably so, he was not pleased with the company's voucher:

After seeking treatment for his chemically burned scalp, doctors fave Hardy a moisturizing shampoo. However, that didn't seem to help the peeling skin on his scalp. He has been prescribed a moisturizer to deal with any infection that may arise.

Hardy also contacted VO5's parent company, Unilever, which has launched an investigation.


A spokesperson for Unilever responded to Hardy's claims, stating,

Apparently, VO5 has since contacted Hardy and offered him $260 to settle the case.

However, Hardy turned down the the small compensation.

While certain VO5 employees have been very helpful, Hardy claims other staff members have been rude to him and even laughed at him when he told them about the hair wax incident.

The investigation into the VO5 hair wax that caused Hardy to go bald continues.

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