Four People Reported Dead After Mall Shooting In WA


The Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington erupted in gunfire on Friday night.

Four people were killed in a shooting, according to a tweet by a Washington state patrol spokesman.

Burlington is roughly 65 miles north of Seattle and has a population of over 8,000.

As of 11:24 pm PST, police were still looking for at least one shooter. At this point it's not clear if there were multiple gunmen involved, and authorities are sweeping the mall's stores.

Sgt. Mark Francis has advised all locals to stay away from the scene,

Francis added that survivors of the shooting would be transported via bus to a nearby church.

EMS have arrived on the scene and entered the mall with a police escort, according to another one of Francis' tweets.

Mall visitor Brandi Montreuil was watching a movie when they told her to evacuate,

Of course, Montreuil thought it was a drill at first and then remembered the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. When survivors reached outside they saw a lot of police vehicles but few officers. Brandi added,

Eventually Montreuil was told to leave the scene by an officer.

As for the suspects at large, Francis stated the following:

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