Revolutionary New Male Birth Control Works By Turning Off Your Balls (Video)

Women have a ton of options when it comes to birth control. There are pills, implants, rings, female condoms, sponges, Plan B and more, all available to women to help prevent pregnancy.

While having choices is great, sadly, all it has really done is place the burden of protection on women.

But now, Clemens Bimek, a German inventor, wants to change all that by giving men the option to literally turn off their balls with the flick of a switch.

According to Bimek's site, the entire surgery can be done in less than 30 minutes and is relatively painless. The site says,

A local anaesthetic is given for the outpatient surgery. A small incision is then made on the testicles with an electrical scalpel. The spermatic ducts are lifted out and transected. The doctor will insert a tube into the openings of both spermatic ducts and, using specialised instruments, will then encase the tubes with a two-part protective cap. The valve will then be connected to the prepared openings of the spermatic ducts, which are then put back into the testicles. The inner layer of skin is stitched with absorbable thread and the outer layer is sealed with Dermabond; a fast-acting skin adhesive. The duration of the surgery is about 30 minutes.

TL;DR version- a doc cuts open your balls, your sperm ducts are lifted out, the doc inserts a tube, puts your balls back together, and in under 30 minutes, you have a switch to turn off your swimmers.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, of course, like all good things in life, there are a few downsides.

As Mashable notes, the technology isn't actually approved yet, so you may have to wait a bit. And even then, the surgery may not be right for everyone. Wolfgang Buhmann, a spokesman for the Society of German Urologists, additionally notes to the Daily Mail that the valve could cause scar tissue in the seminal ducts and cause long-term infertility issues.

Oh, and men, you need to ejaculate about 30 times after getting the implant before your ducts are cleared of any residual sperm, so there is a bit of a wait time (depending on how fast you work).

And, of course, the switch will not prevent any sexually transmitted diseases.

The cost for the switch will likely run somewhere around $5,400.

Check out a video about the device, below.