Live Cockroach Removed From Woman's Skull After She Felt It 'Crawling'


Excuse me for a second, would you?

*Screams for 16 hours straight.*

Okay, now that that's out of the way...

doctor in India removed a fully grown cockroach out of a 42-year-old woman's skull. And it was still alive.

Personally, I can't wait to be in that moment between awake and blissful sleep when I think:

Oh, my God. My skull just twitched a little? MY HEAD IS FULL OF COCKROACHES.

The woman originally complained about a "tingling, crawling" sensation to the doctor, who then found the bug between her eyes and close to her brain at the "skull base."

It took 45 minutes to remove, and yeah, of course there's video.

The insect crawled up her nose while she was sleeping, and took up residence in her head. She attempted to brush it off, but it was too late.

She said:

I could not explain the feeling but I was sure it was some insect. There was a tingling, crawling sensation. Whenever it moved, it gave me a burning sensation in my eyes. I spent the entire night in discomfort, sitting up and waiting for dawn to go to [the hospital].

It was essential that the doctors got it out while they could.

The bug was probably making that woman's head a home for about 12 hours by the time it was evicted. If it had died inside her head, an infection would spread to the brain.

It just makes you realize what shitty equipment we're working with.

Really, body? You couldn't keep a bug out of one of your most important organs?

Dr. M. N. Shankar, the head ear, nose and throat physician said this was the first case of a living insect inside a skull that he's witnessed in his three decades of practice. He wants you to believe a bug in your head is rare.

But I'm here to crush that fantasy for you. One time a ladybug got stuck in my ear and thankfully crawled out alive. I, however, have never been the same.

I sleep with earmuffs on at all times.

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