Little Bites' new Mini Tarts are basically bite-sized pies and come in three flavors.

Little Bites' New Mini Tarts Are Bite-Sized Pies That Come In 3 Delicious Flavors

No-hassle, bite-sized apple pies? Incredible!

by Daffany Chan

Little Bites dropped a new variety of treats that’s here just in time for all your summer snackin’. Little Bites’ new Mini Tarts are like little pies that you can enjoy wherever you are, whether it’s your next barbecue or backyard party. To top it off, the bites come in three flavors that are oh-so-tasty.

The brand unveiled its new Mini Tarts on June 21, and they’re seriously the perfect bite-sized treats for summer. The snacks feature soft-baked tarts that have fruit or cinnamon filling. There are even three flavors you can choose from — Apple, Strawberry, and Cinnamon — which are made with real fruit and cinnamon and don’t include any artificial flavors. You’ll certainly want to pop these bite-sized pies in your mouth when you’re in the mood for something sweet.

If you’d like to try out Little Bites’ new Mini Tarts, you can find online and in-person retailers selling the snacks using the store locator on the Little Bites website. Some of the nationwide stores stocked with Mini Tarts include Target, Safeway, and Lucky’s. BTW, it’ll cost you around $4.99 for a five-pouch box that each include six Mini Tarts. When heading to the store to pick up the snacks, remember to keep in mind the CDC's most updated guidance on mask-wearing and social distancing.

To celebrate the launch, the brand is also offering fans the chance to win some sweet prizes (including a free supply of Mini Tarts to last you through the summer and a Little Bites backpack filled with summer toys) during the Little Bites Fill Your Summer with Fun Sweepstakes. All you’ll have to do is submit an entry on the sweepstakes website through July 30, and the winners will be chosen through a random drawing after the sweepstakes period ends.

With new snacks and a sweepstakes to try out, this summer is about to get that much sweeter.