Woman Kidnaps Ex-BF's New Girlfriend, Gags Her And Threatens To Kill Her

by Jamie LeeLo

A woman from Islamorda, Florida, has recently been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and torturing her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

51-year-old Laura Diane Bauler has been charged with felony aggravated assault with a weapon, burglary and kidnapping and is currently in jail for the attack.

On the evening of January 27, Bauler broke into the victim's home at around 11:45 pm and forced her out of bed with a knife.

According to Becky Herrin, spokeswoman for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, she used a kitchen towel to gag the victim, and she also tied a rope around the woman's neck.


Bauler also continuously threatened to kill the victim with a knife throughout the night.

After tying up and gagging the victim, Bauler took her to the motel she was staying at, Key Lantern and Blue Fin Inn, and forced the woman first into a closet and later into the bathtub.

Herrin said in a news release on Saturday, "Once in the bathtub, Bauler ordered the victim to take off her clothes. Once the victim was nude, Bauler forced her to go outside."

When the two were outside, the victim screamed and tried to escape, but Bauler tackled her to the ground before she could.

Fortunately, neighbors who lived next door noticed the duo fighting and tried to stop the attack. They were able to pull Bauler off of the woman and bring the victim to safety, as Bauler quickly fled the scene.

Key Lantern

Deputies arrived around 1:22 am, and the victim confirmed she is living with Bauler's ex-boyfriend. She thinks this might have been Bauler's motive for the brutal attack.

After a warrant was issued for Bauler's arrest, police found her, and on Saturday, she was taken to Monroe County Jail. She's currently being held on a $145,000 bond.

Bauler apparently has no criminal record in Monroe County, at least in recent years.

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