KFC Is Now Delivering Fried Chicken In San Francisco And Los Angeles

Oh, hot damn, this fried chicken is my jam!

Starting Thursday, November 12, KFC will deliver chicken straight to the doorsteps of those living in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The fast-food company has paired up with DoorDash to help deliver the goods, the AP reports.

And while this sounds like a delicious dream come true, there is a catch: the cost.

As the AP reports, the chicken comes with a delivery fee between $4.99 and $6.99, depending on a customer's location. Prices on some food items will also be higher than those in the restaurants.

Every item on the menu at the restaurant will be available to order.

KFC says it's hoping to expand the delivery service to Houston by the end of the year and add new cities in 2016.

Other fast-food chains have already begun home delivery including Chipotle, McDonald's, Taco Bell and Starbucks.

KFC has also already been delivering food to its customers in Asia, so it's about damn time they brought it to the states.

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