Summer Treats
Keebler dropped Girl Scout Thin Mints Dipped Cones just in time for summer.

OMG, These Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Cones Taste Like Thin Mints

It’s what dessert dreams are made of.

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Courtesy of Keebler

Forget eating your Thin Mints straight out of the box because there’s a tasty combo that could be your new favorite summer treat. Keebler partnered up with the Girl Scouts of the USA to offer a new take on the classic cookie. Instead of nibbling on an actual cookie, you can munch on a Keebler Girl Scout Thin Mints Dipped Cone to pair a classic with your favorite ice cream.

Keebler announced its collaboration with the Girl Scouts on Thursday, May 20, and it promises to make your summer a tasty one. Combining dark chocolate-dipped cones with the traditional flavor of Thin Mints, the Girl Scout Thin Mints Dipped Cones are Keebler’s first-ever ~flavored~ variety of fudge-dipped cones. To give you a true Thin Mints experience, the dipped cake cones feature custom dark chocolate and peppermint oil flavors. While the cones will pair perfectly with your favorite scoop, these dipped delicacies only provide the cone part of an ice cream cone, so you can add whatever flavor that you think will pair perfectly with the cookie-inspired cone. TBH, I think vanilla could be a solid choice.

You can find a 12-count pack of Keebler Girl Scout Thin Mints Dipped Cones at retailers nationwide for $3.69, and don’t be scared to fall in love with these bad boys because they’ll be available through May 2022. If you don’t see them at your local grocery store right away, keep checking as the cones continue to roll out.

Courtesy of Keebler

If this new cone innovation has you exclusively craving mint and chocolate, you can keep the dessert vibes going with Keebler’s own mint and chocolate cookies called Grasshoppers. And of course, if there are still Girl Scout Troops selling cookies near you, you can score a box of the originals. When heading out to grab some Keebler Girl Scout Thin Mint Dipped Cones or some cookies from your local Girl Scouts, remember to check the CDC's latest guidance on social distancing and masking.

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