Cops Hope To Use DNA Test To Find Karina Vetrano's Killer

Karina Vetrano, 30, was brutally murdered during a mid-day run on August 2.

Her killer has not yet been found, but detectives are debating whether or not they should conduct a controversial DNA test solve the case, MailOnline reports.

Apparently, detectives developed a DNA profile of Vetrano's murderer with the material found underneath her nails, on her phone and on her neck. Unfortunately, nothing matched up in the law enforcement's DNA database.

However, a new technique called familial DNA matching might lead police to the criminal.


If used, the process would allow authorities to take the DNA created and use it to track down the murderer's relatives.

The technique has allegedly been used in multiple states and European countries throughout the past decade, but has stirred up conflict by bringing innocent citizens into the case thanks to family ties.


Vetrano's mother, Cathy, is pushing for the DNA test to be used.

According to MailOnline, she said,

Our only goal in life is to find out who did this to our daughter. So if there's any method available to do that, we want it done.

Donna Lieberman, New York Civil Liberties Union's executive director, disapproves of the idea. She reportedly stated,

A policy that implicates New Yorkers in a criminal investigation solely because they are related to someone with DNA in the state's databank is a miscarriage of justice.

It's been reported officials in the state of New York will meet today and discuss whether or not detectives can carry on with the familial DNA matching technique.


Vetrano was allegedly raped and strangled to death during a jog toward Howard Beach this summer. She was reported missing by her father when she did not return home from her run.

Her body was reportedly found in a marshy area near a park later that day.

Since Vertrano's gruesome death, there have been a few leads that police hoped would point them to her killer, but none did.

Late August, authorities released a sketch of a man who was seen leaving the area after her death. However, they later confirmed he is not involved in the case.

It was reported in September that a man found naked in the spot where Vetrano was killed  claimed he knew the murderer. Yet NYPD denied there were any connections between him and the killer.

The search continues.