Justin Bieber Just Used The Orlando Shooting To Promote His Tour On Twitter

by John Haltiwanger

There are certain things you shouldn't do in the wake of a tragedy, like use it to promote yourself.

Donald Trump is the perfect example. This is what he tweeted after the Orlando shooting.

Justin Bieber is now following his lead.

He's performing in Orlando on Thursday as part of his Purpose tour, and in a tweet he sent about it, he used #OrlandoStrong in reference to the devastating shooting that recently occurred there.

Come on, Biebs. What were you thinking?


Just when I was starting to get on your side and actually enjoy your music without wanting to stab myself in the ear ("Sorry" is pretty catchy, and the music video is fire), you go and do something like this.

This was the worst mass shooting in US history and an immense tragedy for the LGBTQ+ and Latino community, so using it as a form of self-promotion is incredibly insulting to the victims.

Even many Beliebers, who are so insanely loyal, they'd probably defend this guy if he accidentally (or purposefully) burned their homes down, would probably (hopefully?) be willing to acknowledge this is just plain wrong.

This is reminiscent of the time the Biebs said he hoped Anne Frank, an exceptional human being who was killed during the Holocaust, "would have been a Belieber."


Canada, please take him back.