Adorable 80-Year-Old Couple Finishes 142nd Marathon Hand In Hand

Let me just start out by saying I am not a crier.

As a kid, I sat there dry-eyed while my friends sobbed along to "A Walk To Remember" and "The Notebook." I just finished reading "Me Before You" as a sort of challenge to myself after someone assured me I'd "bawl my eyes out."


But then, I heard about Kay and Joe O'Regan, and I wanted to happy/sad/ugly cry right here at my desk because they are the most adorable little-old-humans to ever exist.

But enough about me -- let's shift our attention to my two new favorite athletes of all time.

You see, Joe and Kay both just turned 80, and they wanted to celebrate.

So, what did they do? They ran the Cork City Marathon. You know, just a casual 26.2 miles.

Since they started running at age 50, the Irish couple has finished a combined 142 marathons all over the world.

Kay really carried the team, though -- she ran 113 of those 142. She's also officially the fastest 80-year-old woman in the UK. You go, girlfriend.


Joe and Kay decided Cork would be their last marathon, and they went out on top. At 5:25:29, they were the fastest in their age group.

And, of course, they finished hand in hand, like the soulmates they are.

But the best part is, this pair is not done running. As Joe said at the end of the race, "Those who run together, stay together."

Run on, you superstars.


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